The PCMG Committee were delighted to award David Davies with the 2023 PCMG Lifetime Award at this year’s Assembly.

David personifies the essence of PCMG and what makes Clinical Development Outsourcing a true Speciality. He has tirelessly supported PCMG since joining in 2001, ensuring, as Committee Member, Director, and long-serving Treasurer, that the organisation follows due diligence in its corporate and fiduciary responsibility to maintaining PCMG’s activities for the past, current, and future membership. His ability to focus on the key issues has been invaluable as a constant ‘watchman’ for his fellow PCMG (sorry David, PCM Ltd., to be precise) Directors and Officers.

The future of good outsourcing practice rests in developing the skills of those practicing it. David has been a rock of the PCMG training team since it was relaunched. As shown in some of the accompanying photos, David (Thorn amongst Roses?) has dedicated time to supporting new talent that is vital to our sector’s future, using his 30+ years’ experience in Global Pharma and CROs as well as smaller companies that have benefited from his talents.

As a human being, David constantly demonstrates that most rare of abilities; to recognise and praise others rather than himself. This selflessness extends into his support of charitable causes including Ordinary 2 Extraordinary (O2e) and The Red Lion Group.

I am honoured to have been able to present this award on behalf of the PCMG Committee and all our community. We sincerely appreciate all David has done for our common cause to support the continuous improvement in the delivery of new treatments for the benefit of those in need.

Cheers David!

All the best

Richard S.