Existing members know the value of PCMG membership. Clinical Development outsourcing is an ever-changing challenge. There are membership options to fit large and small organisations so that the full range of outsourcing solutions and essential, up-to-the-minute know-how can be shared and implemented. There are conferences and online workshops but only PCMG has the 26 years of continuous sharing of best practice and novel interactive forums to draw on.

Why PCMG? The PCMG Directors and Committee are all outsourcing leaders who believe Outsourcing and Procurement have a vital role to play in the successful development of new medicinal treatments. Good outsourcing and procurement practice in the diverse world of clinical development relies on intelligent real world insight not a journal, book, course or qualification to channel knowledge into action. PCMG supplies and continuously refreshes that font of knowledge as a benefit for members, their employing companies and, ultimately the recipients of treatments that complete the long road to registration.


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