Full Members (Individual or Corporate) 

PCMG Articles of Association restrict membership to staff working as trial sponsors in Pharma or Biotech companies or freelance consultants working exclusively for these companies. This is primarily to ensure no unfair competitive advantage can be gained by suppliers paying to become members.

Full Individual Membership: 

£450-00 + VAT (Annual Jan-Dec) Includes full access to all PCMG benefits and access to all PCMG events including Annual Conference + discount to PCMG training programs. This membership can be delegated to other staff within the member’s company locally or internationally to enable access to events in place of the member.

Corporate Membership:  £450 + VAT x 4 registered Full Members, or a single payment of £1,800 + VAT = 8 full memberships as above.

Ideal for larger companies with multi-site, multi-national operations.  A single company can pay for four Full Members from any location globally and have four additional named members for no additional cost, each with access to the same benefits as Full Membership, including free access to Annual Conference and PCMG Workshops.

Associate Membership:  £150-00 + VAT (Annual Jan-Dec). 

Ideal for Outsourcing Professionals who are unable to commit to attending the Annual Conference due to geographic or budgetary limitations, this level has all the same benefits as Full Membership but does not include free access to Annual Conference. However, it does include free attendance to any future PCMG online events. This can be upgraded to Full Membership at any time through the year for an additional £300-00 + VAT

Corporate Associate Membership 4 x £150+VAT (or 1x £600+VAT). 

PCMG now offers the same terms as for corporate full membership: Four Paid Associate Members from One company gains FOUR ADDITIONAL NAMED MEMBERS FOR NO EXTRA COST. 

 Whilst membership is restricted to Pharma and Biotech + Consultants not contracted to suppliers, the PCMG reserves the right to review and approve any applications that may fall into a grey area between sponsor and supplier category.