Trainers for Outsourcing Essentials and Advanced Course (L-R) David Davies, Julianne Hull, Jean Edwards, Pauline van Heiningen, Dorte Pedersen, Antje Hindahl

The PCMG training team delivered another successful training event on “Outsourcing Essentials” in London on 21st and 22nd May.  There were 16 delegates, meaning this unique, accredited course was fully subscribed for the third time in a row.

The delegates ranged in experience from one month to 18 years in the industry, but pretty much all were new or nearly new to outsourcing.  The trainers have been outsourcing in the industry for more than 150 years (that would be in total) and bring experience and expertise in abundance.  So they are able to adapt the materials to the needs of the delegates as the course rolls out.  And the ratio of one trainer to every 2.5 delegates means high quality support to achieve the course learning objectives.  There was tangible pleasure expressed by the delegates during the summing up session, which was reflected in outstanding feedback scores – all delegates got everything they wanted from the course.

Trainers and delegates enjoy some networking time!

The course covers all the essential elements of outsourcing and there is a clever case study which allows delegates to apply their knowledge to a real-world example, linked to a bid grid for the financial elements.  The agenda also allows time for the delegates to talk through their own outsourcing challenges.

Antje Hindahl, PCMG Committee member of many years and leader of the training initiative, was quick to praise the training team (most of whom give their time and expertise for free) and the delegates for working so hard and throwing themselves enthusiastically into the exercises: “It truly was again a hugely diverse group, with people coming from all sizes of pharma companies, varying sourcing models, and different functional backgrounds. This clearly highlights the wide range of competencies required in the outsourcing manager role. The fact that the trainers are able to adapt to the differing needs of the participants speaks to their format and deep expertise as well as their passion to share their knowledge. The team once again did a great job”.

The next planned running of the Outsourcing Essentials training course will be in May 2020 and anyone wishing to register an interest (non-binding at this stage) should send an email to 

NEW – “Advanced Outsourcing” Course (see separate listing)

The PCMG trainers have been working hard on developing an Advanced Outsourcing training event and the first presentation of this course will be run in London during 22nd and 23rd October.  If you, your colleagues or associates would like to express interest in attending then please email PCMG at  We expect this training course to be popular so sign up quick to secure your place.  Further details to follow.

David Davies