From the 2021 PCMG Annual Conference Online Event Announcement.

The first 16 years of their career was spent in clinical operations in Proctor and Gamble and then a brief stint in a CRO business development role at ICON. Our award winner subsequently moved across the divide to lead outsourcing and vendor management activities, initially at Biogen followed by Gilead and most recently to the strategic partnerships group at Janssen. Throughout this time, this person has championed best practice in outsourcing and good partnership management, shared knowledge and experience, and inspired many people coming into the outsourcing role.

A long-term advocate and contributor to the PCMG, we have witnessed the 2021 winner’s enthusiastic support of PCMG’s development and value to the membership, generously giving time and wisdom as a valued member of the PCMG Committee, and an active member of PCMG Annual Conference Steering Committees.

Not only has our nominee helped PCMG take off from it’s early days (as witnessed in the above photo with a youthful and earnest character in second row from front) a pilot’s licence earns the reference an old British fictional aviator famous for chaps of a ‘certain age’.

The PCMG Committee is proud to congratulate Dave ‘BIGGLES’ Webber on his well-earned award and thank him on behalf of the membership and wider outsourcing community for his past, continuing, and highly valued support.