Membership is limited to any person employed by a Pharmaceutical company, who has a major role in the selection and/or the management of outsourcing services related to drug development. Those involved in the provision of such services are not eligible for membership.
Applications for membership will be in writing and grant of membership is at the discretion of the Committee. Any member who ceases to meet the requirements for membership, for example through a change of employer, shall immediately resign from the PCMG.

Membership Options

Full Individual Membership:  £450-00 + VAT.  
This remains at the same cost as last year, and includes full access to all PCMG benefits, as follows:    
  • Free attendance at the Annual Conference
  • Discounted accommodation at Conference and Workshops (if booked before cut-off date)  
  • Free attendance at PCMG workshops (at least 3 each year)  
  • Access to the PCMG members network Q&A forum  
  • Access to PCMG benchmark templates and guidance documents  
  • Free Access to PCMG webinars (which are non-promotional)
  • Participation in PCMG Working Groups e.g. Legal & Contracts  
  • Ability to delegate attendance to Conference or Workshop to a colleague in the same company  
  • The opportunity to join the PCMG Committee and help shape the activities and future of the PCMG  
Corporate Membership:  £450 + VAT x 4 registered Full Members, or a single payment of £1,800 + VAT = 8 full memberships
Ideal for larger companies with multi-site, multi-national operations.  A single company can pay for four Full Members from any location globally and have four additional named members for no additional cost, each with access to the same benefits as Full Membership, including free access to Annual Conference and PCMG Workshops.

Associate Membership:  £150-00 + VAT  
Ideal for Outsourcing Professionals who are unable to commit to attending the Annual Conference due to geographic or budgetary limitations, this level has all the same benefits as Full Membership, but does not include free access to Annual Conference and PCMG Workshops. This can be upgraded to Full Membership at any time through the year for an additional £300-00 + VAT




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